We are a proud, leading manufacturer of frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream machines based in the United States. Our family of products provides unique features to help you grow your business.

We took a fresh look at the features you want in a frozen yogurt machine:

  • The FIRST in the industry to offer a complete line of built in (through-wall) commercial frozen yogurt machines and soft serve ice cream machines: 515TW, 621TW, 717TW, and 1021TW – giving your store a clean professional look with much lower construction costs.
  • The FIRST in the industry to develop a 7-handle, 4-flavor, 3-twist soft serve machine – the Elvaria 1021, saving you space and money.
  • The FIRST in the industry to offer frozen yogurt machines and soft serve ice cream machines that you can switch between air and water-cooling any time you like, giving you flexibility and saving money on utility costs
  • Mirror-finish stainless steel design makes a standout first impression with your customers
  • Computer controls and configurations such as variable mixer speed and air intake allow you to serve frozen yogurt, gelato, soft serve ice cream, sorbets, and Italian ice with texture and flavor as good or better than anything on the market.

We took a fresh look at support:

  • NO mandatory support contracts, you decide if you want a labor warranty.
  • 1 year parts warranty and a full replacement parts catalog available in our store.

We took a fresh look at affordable pricing:

  • We are a new-economy company, based in Virginia, USA, that uses technology and partnerships to increase productivity and dramatically lower our costs to half that of old-economy manufacturers .

Please check out our whitepaper for valuable insights to help you compare and select frozen yogurt machines, soft serve ice cream machines, and frozen custard machines from any manufacturer. We want you to pick a machine and a partner that works for you, and we hope that you find Elvaria to be that choice. Join us in taking a fresh look at the frozen dessert equipment market!