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The frozen yogurt machine that goes through the wall, as well as the price barrier.

If you’re looking to outfit a store with multiple machines without breaking the bank, look no further than the 515TW. Its sleek built-in appearance, exceptional performance, and affordable price make it the perfect choice for self-service store operations. Our through wall frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream design lets you create a clean storefront with eye appeal to customers and with operations and cleaning behind the scenes.

    • Frozen yogurt, gelato, soft serve ice cream, sorbets, and Italian ice
    • Two flavors and one twist
    • Full stainless steel enclosure
    • Nighttime mode allows keeping product overnight resulting in energy and product savings
    • Available water-cooled, air-cooled or both


Highest Quality Compressor

  • Tecumseh 1.5HP compressor
  • Super reliable
  • Low temperature ability to –49 F
  • Auxiliary compressor to maintain hopper mix under 41 F

Mix Hopper

  • Two 10.5-quart hoppers
  • Solid-state low level mix sensor alerts operator when you need to add more mix to the hopper. We include an override switch to shut off the audible alarm.
  • Magnetic agitators are available to keep your powdered mixes at the right consistency.

Freezing Cylinders

  • Two 1.6-quart capacity cylinders, stainless steel

Microprocessor Controls

  • All digital display provides immediate insight into machine operations and an easy to use interface for changing configuration settings.
  • Draw counter allows viewing of servings used
  • Fine adjustments for off cycle mix frequency
  • Precise adjustment of blending speeds
  • Low Mix Alert

Warranty & Support

  • One-year parts warranty
  • Toll free phone support
  • Full inventory of replacement parts available